​The accreditation program was developed by PSI to promote high industry standards and provide a continuing education curriculum to keep accredited pet sitters at the forefront of modern ​pet care practices.

Pet Sitters International is the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters.

Expecting Quality “Excellence” isn’t just a word at Pet Sitters International. It’s our way of doing business.

Founded in 1994 as the first international association for professional pet sitters, Pet Sitters International is proud of the standards it has established in the industry. Patti Moran created the company with three key principals: Professional Excellence, Outstanding Service and High Quality Standards. Now, more than 15 years later, these core beliefs are still the heart of the way PSI does business. As a result, the association has grown into the world’s largest organization for professional pet sitters. Almost 8,000 members in the United States, Canada and England serve 740,000 pet-owning households through 18.5 million visits per year. PSI members provide in-home pet care, pet education and other pet-care services on more than 17 million pet sitting visits every year. PSI prides itself on maintaining long-term, interactive relationships with our ever-expanding network of members and the pet owners they serve. Maintaining PSI’s Recommended Quality Standards is the single most important tie that binds a pet owner to a quality caregiver.

PSI members have access to the most extensive— and helpful —slate of benefits and affiliate programs in the industry. The PSI approach equips pet sitters with quality awareness, pet owners with quality assurance, and pets with quality in-home pet care! It is why we stress strong ideals, professional standards and common-sense methods that reinforce our members with dependable know-how.

Pet Sitters International’s Accreditation Program is an in-depth educational coursework that has been tailored exclusively for pet sitters.
The curriculum includes topics on Pet Care, Health & Nutrition, Additional Services and Business & Office Procedures. The coursework was developed with input from the most knowledgeable professionals in the pet-care industry to provide the best in pet education to our members.

What You Get with a PSI Accredited Pet Sitter: When you engage the services of a PSI Accredited Pet Sitter, you are also gaining access to someone with the in-depth knowledge and skills necessary for providing superior in-home pet care.

MJS Pet Sitting’s accreditation has been updated.

This program was developed by PSI exclusively for its members. The coursework was created to promote high industry standards and provide a continuing education curriculum to keep accredited pet sitters at the forefront of modern pet-care practices.
The Accreditation Program is designed to provide a complete and well-rounded educational experience for a professional pet sitter. To become accredited, the pet sitter must master and exhibit a working knowledge of caring for pets of all species–from cats and dogs to reptiles, amphibians, and more. A PSI Accredited Pet Sitter also knows how to run an efficient, effective pet-sitting business model.
You can rest assured your pet sitter has been rigorously tested on companion animal care —and passed all tests —when you see the mark of a PSI Accredited Pet Sitter.

MJS Pet Sitting has repeatedly passed these rigorous tests and earned the seal of approval.

Because of the programs available as benefits of membership, your pet sitter is able to offer you cutting-edge technology and information for in-home pet care. And each of these programs has a direct positive influence on the quality of service that you and your pets receive from their PSI pet sitter. Here’s what you get:​

  • Confidence
  • Pet-Care Safety
  • Convenience
  • Pet Education

Confidence. Liability insurance and bonding policies available to pet sitters through their PSI membership let you know that you are dealing with a reliable, responsible business professional, who cares about your home and your property, as well as your pet.

MJS Pet Sitting is insured and bonded. Documents available upon request.

Pet Care Safety. Castle Branch Inc’s background screening services allow the pet-sitting business owner to screen prospective employees. This can help to ensure that any staff sitter who comes to your home is a legitimate, law-abiding, pet lover, who shares your feelings for your family pets.

Pet Education. PSI’’s Accreditation Program provides a complete pet-care education for professional pet sitters. It contains chapters to cover each facet of the business, including Pet Care, Health & Nutrition, Added Services and Business & Office Procedures. A PSI Accredited Pet Sitter brings a tremendous store of additional information to the task of caring for your pet —and that’s always a plus.

MJS Pet Sitting has that knowledge.

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